Walking Shadows

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  • Created May 19 '10
  • Last Post Dec 5 '16 at 2:49pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

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So how do you get in on this? Right now we’re looking for a few new players (probably two, though this point may get bent), and so we’re holding auditions. It’s going to have three parts.

Part 1: Pitch a character concept to the Storyteller by posting it in this thread. Doesn’t need to be super-detailed right now, just enough that you can drop in and play the character (though having some concept of the character’s motivations is a very good idea). Also order Mental, Social, and Physical stats into Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

Pretty much everyone who pitches a character will get into the audition, unless we have a lot of interested people (as in, over twenty), in which case the Storyteller will trim the list down a bit. At this stage, the Storyteller is only going to ask you to change things if there’s something blatantly unworkable.

We'll be accepting applications till November 1st

Part 2: On October 5th, the Storyteller will start the audition thread – basically, we set the scene at a big party and drop everyone who’s pitched a concept into it. Then we let the thread run for a month, everyone posts, talks to each other and to NPCs, schemes, seduces, gets into fights, tries to poison the Unseelie King with hot chili peppers, the usual stuff that happens at NWoD parties. If you need to roll dice, you roll 9 dice for your Primary stat, 6 for your Secondary, and 3 for your Tertiary (we’re keeping it really simple).

The thread will be closed on November 30th. The Storyteller will then consult with the current players and will decide who makes the cut. So what are we looking for?
--A base level of literacy/writing talent. You don’t need to be Shakespeare, but you can’t make the Storyteller want to claw his eyes out over bad grammar.
--Posting activity. The more you post, and the more meaty each post, the better.
--Character activity. Someone who goes out and does stuff has a much better chance than someone who sits around and waits for stuff to happen to them (hence why having an idea of motivations is good).

And that’s pretty much it.

The Midwinter MasqueThis is the Unseelie Court's largest and most dramatic festival, taking place every year upon the Blackheath. Large, black tents are set up beforehand, and massive bonfire is lit in the center, with enchantments and security keeping curious mortals away. On sundown, all of the Lost gather at Blackheath, veiled under the Unseelie Court's trademark secrecy. Midwinter is a masquerade ball, and all of the Lost wear masks and disguises for the ceremony. They come as white-furred animals or snowy-scaled serpents, as demons of frost or satyrs of ice. Costumes are extravagant in the extreme, visions of beauty or grotesqueness and a good showing at the Midwinter Masque can make a changeling the talk of the freehold... if, that is, anyone knows who they are. The chance to hide their dealings in secrecy is just as enticing as the chance for acclaim, for some. It is a night for secret deals and assignations. Many come from all across the supernatural world, for a chance to enjoy the Unseelie's wild hospitality, or to turn their hand at some subtle scheme.

Part 3: By this point, if you're in, you're in. A proper character sheet is made and the background is fleshed out in more detail (mostly with an eye towards providing adventure hooks/motivations and connections with other characters). The Storyteller will also guide you through whatever relevant mechanical house-rules apply. Then we get you started on the Path to Adventure!

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