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House Cannith, has long since abandoning the Creation forges has a terrible secret. The reason the forges were abandoned in the first place. The warforged were true constructs at one time, before they were free-thinking that is. The Creations forges along with powerful necromantic spells allowed Cannith to twist mortal souls and place them within the warforged metal and wood shells. Bodies taken from battlefields were resurrected, just long enough to imprison and mutilate their now fragile souls.

Game play:
Campaign for 1rst-20th Level and will start with a commission from house Cannith to reclaim a zombie overrun creation forge, and bring the Necromancer in charge to justice. The secrets learned there may send the characters into the mournlands to confront the lord of blades, or the the heart of house Cannith itself to expose its atrocities to the world.

As of always with Eberron it will be a high magic, high adventure campaign taking characters all over the world from the harbors of stormreach to the hearts of the mournlands and the planes beyond.

32 pt buy system OR 4d6 drop lowest ( re-roll scores under 10)
4-6 Players
No book restrictions ( I have just about everything and even if I don't Ill find it)
Need AT-LEAST ONE warforged ( preferably 2 of different backgrounds)
Restricted classes: Necromancer
Restricted races: Nothing with a LA over 0

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