A Dragon in Sheep's Clothing

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Game Information
  • Created May 20 '10
  • Last Post Dec 28 '11 at 11:34pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

The Dragon Queen was born on the third day of the world, when the gods added the first living creatures to the world. She woke to look into a blue sky. She knew that someday, eventually, everything in the world would be hers. She hasn't achieved her objective yet, but everyday she gets closer. From her perch on the plateau she gazes out over his city and watch her minions flitter about. War is coming, and she will be the aggressor.

Lord Michael was once a chamberlain in the Dragon Queen's court. For 50 years he managed the day to day affairs of her kingdom. When he grew ill with a cancerous, he asked her for aid. She refused. Michael accepted a deal from another creature, a vampire, in order to sustain his life. Now, in undeath, his life is dedicated to stopping the Dragon Queen. He knows her plans, he simply needs time, time he barely has even with an immortal life. War is coming, and he must stop her.

Magnolia is an old man. He's also, probably, the most powerful wizard in the world. For the past 17 years he's lived in a small town, seemingly taking no interest in the outside world. In fact, he's spent most of his time begging for spare change. Something has changed in him, lately. He's starting to ask questions again. War is coming, and he's curious.

To the south an old woman sits on a throne. She's surrounded by other women. Every woman in the room could level a city single-handedly. Together they should be able to level a nation, but no matter how hard they try, they can't affect the Dragon Queen. They can't affect Lord Michael's realm. If they are going to realize their goals of controlling the world they will need to find another way. War is coming, and they will not be ignored.

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