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Laws and Every Other Damn Thing

ďCame a time when I figured the Stolen Lands was just plain cursed. Nowadays, I know it is. Ainít never been a more ornery stretch oí land that was that fertile, tell you what. Every sad sumbitch went out there to settle thí place came back with naught to hold but his pecker, and thatís if he was lucky enough to come back with hands at all. If the bandits donít get you the trolls and fey will, aní youíll be owlbear turds afore you can spit sideways.
So, good luck out there.Ē

Howdy folks, Iím Doctor Kash, and Iím going to run a 4E game here on Myth-Weavers. Specifically, weíll be running Paizoís Kingmaker Adventure Path, which Iíll be converting to D&D 4th Edition. Weíll also be using the Golarion campaign setting, which is in my opinion one of the best campaign settings on the market.

Kingmaker is something of a departure from the Adventure Paths you may be used to- this one is based around sandbox exploration, wilderness adventuring, kingdom building, and has much less structure than modules/paths generally do. In fact, Iíll be adding more content into it to open up the sandbox a bit more; My goal is that in this world, you will be able to do anything you want to do.

As for the theme of the game, Iím going for something akin to the Deadwood television series. Much like Deadwood, the Stolen Lands are a harsh world where encroaching civilization and the lawless wilds come together, and this creates a community rife with conflict.

What I want in an application
Virtues and Flaws
A picture would be nice. I'm going to need one eventually to make a battle grid token for you.

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