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Dreams and Nightmares of Heroes (A Persona inspired 3.5 game)
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In the past few years the world has grown darker, the days are dimmer and the nights are even darker than before. Creatures of the night have become even more aggressive and bold in their attacks. More people go missing each night. After several months small villages are never heard from again. Some people living in Kris'salindra have had dreams, strange dreams. Some dream of things long past and some of the future. All of these dreams are centered around a powerful being unique to each of the dreamers. These everyday people who are having these dreams woke up one day and were different, they have skills and experiences they did not have the day before. The particular events between the day before awakening and the of awakening. The night before each individual dreamed of the being in their dreams dying. Each one has a strange mark on their body to go along with their newfound skills.

Kris'salindra is a city built around the largest oasis within the center of a vast expanse of desert known as the Dust wastes. Well prepared and well armed travelers can make the journey out of the desert in only 3 days by camel, if they could survive the first night in the wastes.


The day the characters awaken they will not have a class or level starting out. After a bit of role playing to bring them together, they will awaken sometime during that day. After awakening the character will be a 4th level (races/templates without level adjustment), multi classing is an option. This game will be equal parts role playing and combat, more often than not even the combat will be more role played than rolled for. I honor quality role playing over a stray roll of the die, but that does not mean I am expecting 5 star quality posts from everyone every single post. I am asking for at least a paragraph describing actions, thoughts, feelings, as well as furthering the plot. I am expecting 3-4 posts a week(including the weekend so 3-4 posts in 7 days), but I would prefer this to be a quicker paced game. Quotations for speech, italics for thoughts, and use the bbc for the rolling.

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