Adeptus Evangelion: Tower of Babel

Game Description

"And they said, Go, let us build a City and a Tower, whose top may reach unto Heaven; and let us make of Ourselves a name, lest we be scattered...But the Lord came down to see the City and the Tower that the men were building... and from thence did the Lord sunder them abroad upon the face of all the Earth."

--Genesis 11: 1-9

The news reporters call it a technological marvel, the Eighth Wonder of the World.
The nations of the slowly-flooding Earth look to it for their salvation, their Ark.
Those apocalypse-welcoming religious freaks would rather have it remembered as Babel, Mankind's Folly.
To the U.N. it is known by the code-name ETEMENANKHI (Sumerian, lit. 'Temple of the foundation of Heaven and Earth'), or "Ankh-1" for short.
To you, it's simply your home.

A home which you occasionally have to defend from nightmarish cosmic horrors by taking command of the mighty weapon EVANGELION as the whole world watches and prays. Why is it that you bear the singular burden of mentally communing with a cybernetic alien warmachine? Why, indeed, is nearly every pilot less then fifteen years old? Maybe these are questions best left unanswered...

...Too bad none of this ever seems to excuse you from your Algebra homework.

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