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Triad is a world building project, in which there are 3 planes. These planes were once 1, but a war of the gods threatened to destroy the very fabric of reality. As a result the world was split into three planes. The planes are connected by portals. These portals are mostly random in appearance and very unpredictable. About 50 years ago there was a great effort on the part of the shadow plane to control the portals, and with the increase of their control over the portals they initiated a war with the other planes. The war dragged on for several years and in the end the power they tapped into raged our of their control. The shadow plane was ravaged by magical storms and the portals returned to their unpredictability. The other two planes are left to rebuild.

This is not a D&D 4e game in the traditional sense. This is intended to be a world building project. This specifically focuses on only one of the planes. That plane is under consideration here is the industrial plane: Arnegus. The goal here is to develop the plane into a large diverse roleplaying setting.

Anyone is welcome to join.

All information is currently in this set of threads: Triad: 4e Collaboration

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