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Game Description

System: I'll be using Pathfinder rules, but a good portion of 3.5 material is allowed. I'll be running this as an E6 game, because the real world is not epic-level.

Setting: See the game forum for setting details

Character Creation:

Number of Players: Unlimited, although if it becomes overwhelming, I may need to ask someone to Co-DM

Mechanical information: X amount of RL time will correspond to one month of game time. I'm thinking every 2 weeks, with time stopping for combat situations. At the beginning of each month, I will post a summary of the changes to the city based on what each faction has done, accomplished, and planned for

While PMs between players are allowed and to an extent encouraged, I will need to be informed about each player's current motivations and loyalties, etc. PLEASE make sure I'm aware of all alliances, rivalries, etc between players.

The city will have its own statistics. A faction (greater or lesser) can alter these statistics over time by their actions. These statistics act as modifiers to certain skill checks (For example, the city's Corruption score acts as a modifier on all Diplomacy checks that involve blackmail or bribery, to represent the corruption of the guildmasters and politicians. Note that an NPCs statistics will ALWAYS override a city's generic stat if they are involved.)

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