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Campaign Setting: Under Construction, but Available.
Time Limit: I will not accept anymore applications after Monday afternoon (4:00 PM CST), July the 5th. Party will be chosen that night.

Around the same time as the events of Shadow of the Revenant, a small continent has risen deep amidst the great ocean and scouts have reported a massive cache of resources upon it. Working together to secure these new resources for the future, the kingdoms of Nevermore immediately launched a colonization effort, but something has gone wrong and now the expedition has become stranded on the island and are unable to leave it while a mysterious storm has surrounded it, cutting them off from the outside world. Whats more, the expedition group has found that this new world is unforgiving and harsh, with monsters roaming the lands and dark forces at work in the shadows. With the magistrates sent in charge of the new settlement dead along with their ensemble of soldiers, the task of leading the colonization effort falls upon the shoulders of five unlikely individuals.

This is a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 adventure set in the homebrew world of Nevermore where the party has been placed into the leadership of a small expedition and colonization effort that have been cut off from support and reinforcements by a freak storm that shows no sign of ceasing. Players will take on adventures and exploration efforts, as well as juggle the task of growing and developing the new colony, while securing resources and defending it against harm. The lives of your companions, as well as the lives of the colonists, rest on your decisions.

The game will begin with the party aboard one of three galleons sailing to the newly discovered continent of Crescenta and the first part of the game will be the characters experiencing the last leg of the journey. ALL applicants whom have created characters may participate in the beginning of the role-play if they choose to (though this is recommended as it is considered part of the review process of your character and your role-playing skill). When I've decided on my party, I will trigger the storm event that will wrack galleons and ship-wreck the party on the new continent.

This game will likely be based on a 50% Role-Play, 30% Combat, and 20% Other (managing your colony) model. Expect to have to take various quests to help out the colony, find new resources, defend it from attack, and of course, exploration, personal quests, and story-related adventures. There will also be a bit of a background plot, but it will not be the primary focus of the game. I expect this game to move at a standard pace and I will probably post at least once per day or once every-other day, though I may post more on certain given days if I have extra time to do so.

Character Schematics & Application
Characters will start at 3rd level (or otherwise ECL: 3) and can be any race or class presented within the book list (supplied here). I do not mind characters with level adjustment (a maximum of a +2 LA), but I do not want to play around with buy-off, either, so keep that in mind when choosing what you wish to play. We will be using a 34 point buy and character starting funds will be standard rate. Health Points are maximized at every third level (ie: 1st, 3rd, 6th, ect) and rolled during others. We'll be following the CWBL table as a model for the beginning of the game only and thus, your character will start out with 2,700 gp worth of equipment. All lore and background information I currently have for the world is listed on the accompanying Wiki. It is not required that you join the wiki, but it would be a good idea to bookmark it so you can easily refer back to it. Finally, my house rules are listed in the FAQ section of the forum. When you're ready, please fill out the application below and post it in the forum's Applicant thread and, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I shall address them as soon as I can.

Character Name:
Future Goals:
Character Role:
Background Excerpt:

The Ideal Applicant
As always in my games, a good character candidate for this game is an interesting one. I would like characters that I can get to know and enjoy reading about, with interesting backgrounds, intriguing personalities, and creative lifestyles. I also want characters whom are going to provide an interesting point-of-view to the party as well as those whom are going to participate in interaction between party members. For this particular game, I would also like characters who are creative to the point where they can effectively offer good suggestions for the colony's construction and upkeep.

I do NOT want characters whom are bland or one whom is probably not going to play much part in the game other than being the muscle or the skill monkey. In fact, to prove my point, at least 25% of all experience gained in this game will be oriented towards interaction with your companions and the environment. The rest is split between the quality of your role-playing effort, your participation, and of course, experience from combat and quests.

I will not put a time-limit on the application process until I get at least 5 full applications, at which point, I'll only be accepting applications for one week thereafter.

The Dungeon Master
I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for around a decade. I originally started playing during various adventures in the world of Yahoo! Chats and from there, went on to play in and DM Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 and 3.5 as well as crafted homebrew game systems of my own. My first character was a human wizard who specialized in things that explode or otherwise singe flesh and scar minds. At heart, I'm a story teller who simply does not have the patience to sit down and write books. To me, writing books just seems like talking to myself, which I've heard isn't healthy (at least for prolonged amounts of time). I endeavor to make my games as fun to play as they are to experience and welcome all sorts of personalities and will try my best to allow everyone's play style. On Myth-Weavers, I also run Shadow of the Revenant, which also takes place in Nevermore.

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