Duesenbergs and Dirigibles

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  • Created Jun 24 '10
  • Last Post Apr 23 '16 at 3:23am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

1925. Prohibition is in full force. Adolph Hitler publishes Mein Kampf. Henry Anthony Wilcox begins to have strange dreams. The Great Depression is still four years away, and it is a time of gangsters and gun molls, archaeologists and actors, villains and vigilantes. Professor C. Tryphon has sent the call out to his usual suspects, asking them to meet him in New York to begin investigation of a strange document he recently purchased at auction.

Setting: Dependant upon party makeup, but originating on the east coast of the United States, with foreign travel likely.
Level of Realism: Larger-than-life, Indiana Jones-style realism (shoot the fellow with the sword), some Cinematic elements to ensure the Pulp adventure feel. Antagonists will be of the human, rather than Cosmic Horror variety, though there may be something lurking in the dark parts of the world…
Characters: All character types welcome, the focus again on thwarting nefarious plots or villainous gangsters. Expect a certain amount of Noir influence, however: it is perfectly acceptable that adventurers may be only marginally nicer than villains themselves.
Combat Deadliness: Combat will be realistic, but with a few concessions to Pulp conventions: opponents will be generally low-skilled, adventurers will be heroic but not super-heroic. Good tactics and luck will still play a part in survival.
Combat Frequency: Dependant upon party makeup, but relatively common—even scholarly characters may expect to have to use their fists from time to time.
Power Level: 200 character points, up to -75 pts in Disadvantages, up to -5 pts in Quirks.

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