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  • Created Jun 27 '10
  • Last Post Mar 27 '16 at 5:21am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description
The Capital City of Tormauz in the Kingdom of Tormauz

The world of L'Tiene is a unique fantasy game rich in setting and history. The setting has been in development with several GM's since 1994 (estimated) and is run by an experienced GM with role-playing experience going back to 1992 and has been involved in PBP since 2007. This game has been in regular session since 2008 and our group is committed to telling an excellent story.

This game is focused on role playing as opposed to "roll" playing. That means character development and plot take precedence over equipment lists and statistics. This does not indicate a lack of combat in the game, but this is specifically not a dungeon hack and is instead an epic campaign setting. The focus is on telling a story, not winning the RPG and defeating the boss at the bottom of the dungeon. As such you should consider yourself a writer on a communal project first and a gamer second. The gaming aspect is there, but it is by far secondary.

The World of L'Tiene operates on GURPS 4th edition. Fantasy and Magic Supplements are recommended but not required.

We will only accept 1 player at this time, we will accept readers. If you are interested in playing, please take your time to review this information carefully.

The setting is supported by an entire wiki
I don't recommend you attempt to read through all of it at this juncture, it's very large and you might spoil several plot points for yourself. Instead bookmark this page and tell me about your concept and I'll direct you to some pages.

Known Locations*

Known NPC's*

*please note these threads show only what the party has publicly unlocked.

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