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Millennia ago, in the void between the planes of existence, there lay a world beyond the notice of anyone - even the gods themselves. No deities could perceive this minuscule pocket of life and activity dwelling in their peripheral senses, always silent yet alive. This speck of life was negligible, and went unobserved for countless years - it never changed, never acted, always beyond the perceptions of the pantheons. A dimension existing between the greater planes? An anomaly in the realms? Who knows.

But now, this plane has began to quake - a final act of defiance from within that has shaken the dimension to its core. Tangled strings of planar weave reach out and secure themselves to other worlds, joining them to the single realm that has gone unseen since it's time began. Now, fusions of the original realms with the alien dimension have formed, tiny gateways to the other world forcing themselves into existence in Eberron, Faerun and Oerth. But what will come of these connections - and what will happen to those who are exposed to the unusual plane that has attached itself to their home?

Only time will tell.

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