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Odarious Fallopy runs the most deadly and mysterious battle-pit arena in the realm. No one who has ever battled there and survived has ever described it the same. From what you can gather, the battle-pit is very magical in nature and is constantly shifting and altering itself depending on the combatants inside. It has been said to, at times, be; pitch black, surrounded by water, with and without a roof, unleash powerful magic and monsters, filled with traps, or riddled with mazes.

Odarious has called for adventurers, heroes, and champions from across the realms, and even the planes to take part in his next event. It is said that he is looking for the group apart who will be promised prizes and riches to carry out a personal quest for him. The victor will choose the team he wishes to complete this quest with, and those choosen Odarious has promised to bring back to life. The others... well, death isnt all THAT bad...

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