All Quiet on the Rebel Front

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  • Created Jul 4 '10
  • Last Post Sep 14 '10 at 3:42am
  • Status Complete
  • System Star Wars Saga

Game Description

Chandrilian Defense Force Intel Brief 662143a
In response to the rising tensions between elements of the Senate and the Emperor, Mon Mothma has requested that the Chandrilian Defense Force establish an auxiliary regiment to survey suspicious Imperial activity in the outlying sectors. In addition to members of Chandrilian Defense Force ranks, elite volunteers have been recruited from sector militaries, mercenary companies, planetary militias, police forces, private security firms, and civilian populations throughout the galaxy. Though their origins may vary, they all share a dream of galactic freedom. After completing their specialized training, companies of the new auxiliary regiment will be deployed on extended missions to Imperial controlled planets where they will covertly observe Imperial movements. While reconnaissance is their primary mission, they will be trained and equipped to engage in combat if the situation calls for it.

The following brief contains the personnel files of these volunteers. Following their acceptance, those who complete the rigorous training will become the founding members of this elite unit.

This is a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign for 8-12 players. The basic premise is that the players are members of an elite infantry platoon fighting in the trenches against the Empire during the original trilogy portion of the Galactic Civil War. This will be a "war-movie" flavored campaign drawing atmosphere, tone, and themes from works like Saving Private Ryan, Gallipoli, and Band of Brothers as well as Big Red One, M*A*S*H and maybe even a bit of Catch-22.

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