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I ran this for my pnp gamers a while back. I wanted to try it here.


1000 years ago, the world experienced a war that nearly destroyed it. Ten thousand warriors went to fight a greater elemental lord in a valley called Pine Dale. Nothing left the valley. Over the last 1000 years people have gone into the valley to find out what happened. None of them have returned. Recently a group of researchers from the nearest human city state, Blackhaven, found out what happened. At night the souls of those killed in the valley rise up as undead and re-fight the last battle.

Many necromancers have sought the power held in the valley. None of them have survived, until now.

Lucas, an old necromancer, has found the tome that set the elemental lord free. He used the book to protect himself while he gathered remains. He used the book to craft several bodies out of base elements.

These bodies are incredibly powerful and designed for his pleasure. Then a problem arose. The book did not protect the bodies from being inhabited by some of the souls from the battle. The player characters. You awake in a body that is incredible, with only foggy memories of a battle that you lost. Your awakening is inside a prison, you have on nothing but a few rags scrapped together from the ratty bedding laying about. Your guards are goblins, and a few human zombies. Several days after you awaken, eating food not fit for goblins, a human mage appears and looks highly annoyed. He is high level and tortures the group. Never asking any questions just like he wants to inflict pain. He leaves the bodies behind and heads out after everyone is rendered unconscious. When the group awakens a second time the cycle starts over again. This last several weeks before the mage Lucas does not return. The torture does sometimes show images of the past to you. But its not the same as now.

All stats are 15+racial modifiers, choose a class to play. Basic races. All classes are 1st level. No higher ECL races.

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