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Psionic Powers - Mental Mights

Jansaya, born of fragments of the Living Gate, has been working for most of its 93 years to try to rebuild the Living Gate, without success. It has decided to harness its innate psionic abilities to become an Ardent and, after hearing of a Far Realm attack on a fey forest, it went to investigate. Born of that fey forestís attempt to fight off an attack from the Far Realm, Finnenmal was immediately imbued with the powers of a Battlemind. Jansaya and Finnenmal meet and decide to go to the last place the Far Realm had attacked- a monastery on a mountain. At this monastery, they meet up with a half-orc named Rendark, who has been learning the ways of a monk with a desire to revenge the attack of the Far Realm which had taken both his parents and many of his family 24 years ago. As a group of three adventurer's they went off to find more information about the far realm attack on the monastery and meet up with Izera who was pulled from the Far Realm where she was a slave to mindslayers.

Rendark, Half-Orc Monk (TheFlyingTiger)
Jansaya, Shardmind Ardent (gomamon2k)
Finnenmal, Wilden Battlemind (gnarly717)
Izera, Githzerai Psion (jrbeers717)

For more information about the campaign, adventure logs, wiki page and more, visit my Obsidian Portal page

This PbP is just a way for us to continue the playing inbetween visits. It will be easy to pick up from the posts to continue on tabletop and then go from tabletop and continue in the posts.

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