In the Twilight Mountains

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Gameplay starting when a few friends of mine get the book, discussion starting earlier. 4th edition.

Intro situation is subject to change depending on what types of characters we get.

One week from now, Kyuden Sokora (Castle Somewhere, not sure yet the starting setting)A peasant messenger who has obviously gone through many hardships stumbles into Winter Court. He tells a heart wrenching tale of a remote village in the Twilight Mountains trying to do its duty while struggling against many foes. Several people notice that Otomo Oki seems to be particularly moved and a solitary tear has fallen down her cheek behind the fan she used to quickly cover her face. Whether they themselves are moved to help or whether they hope to curry favor with such a high ranking Imperial hardly matters as shortly a brave band of Samurai begin plans to set off to the former Boar Clan Lands to bring the Empresses law and protection to these villages.

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