If Only This Were a Movie

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Game Information
  • Created Jul 7 '10
  • Last Post Jun 16 '12 at 7:34pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

Your career is over, you've been burned, your money is gone and your credit is so far down the toilet you would need a snake just to touch it.
Your car is gone, and you're not even sure what city they left you in. You have a lot of useful skills,for a criminal, no job references, and you're about as close to the age you were in college as you were in Elementary school. You need to find some kind of work, and fast.
In steps an old Friend, Alejandro Chavez. He promises work, that is in the grey spectrum of the legality chart, a place to live, and whatever you need to live. All you need to do is work for him.
You showed up for your first job, a couple of your friends to help out, and he gave you the package. That's when things went south. More south that before anyways.
He got shot, and his backup got arrested, though you got away Scot free. Problem is, now the police are searching for that package, and another man has come to your attention. He calls himself MR. Saint John. He has pretty much the same offer, work for his firm, helping people get rid of their problems, and he'll pay you. Best part, he's in the thick of it with you.

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