The Dirty Thirties

Game Description

A nWoD Crossover Game

He ran, turning the corner and darting into the alleyway. If only he could make it back to his apartment without any of them seeing him enter, then maybe-

A molotov cocktail shattered in front of him. Recoiling in fear, the man altered his course, making a sharp left turn....and running into a dead end. At the other end of the alleyway, five men blocked his path. All five were dressed in pinstripe suits, and all five helf aloft Thompsons. The Chicago Typewriters chattered, and as the man in the alley was torn to ribbons he began to slowly dissolve into dust.

The axe slammed into the barrel, forcing the contents to leak out. It was the 10th barrel in the room, and ten more were to follow. As the uniformed police officers set about hacking open the containers full of illegal alcohol, their sergeant watched, seemingly feeding off the despair of the speakeasy owners. He'd certainly have to tell his fellow Winter Courtiers about this...

The mage watched as the crates wee loaded into the trucks by his undead servitors. He wasn't smuggling alcohol, though. No, his cargo was much more valuable to his work. Inside the crates, something moved....

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