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Welcome to Minions, the endless gladitorial bout!!

Every third moon the Archduke of Roenoke holds a special tourniment for the nobles of the land. They gather in his grand arena and watch as thier minions bout!

Each win brings the noble more glory, fame, and riches. But each loss costs them just the same!

Espionage! Hirelings! Quests! Beasts! Challenges! Tactics! Deception!

Minion Rules:

Minions will have open recruitment: so people can apply, leave, come back, invite new friends, etc.

Each Noble has a commander aura: commander auras can be chosen Here. You start at rank 0 and grant benifits to all minions based on your current rank. Wins increase your rank 1...losses decrease your rank 2.

Each noble will build a minion to begin: Any ECL 1 race from the monster manual with a generic warrior or expert from SRD or any stock CR 1/2 monster (but with Max HP for 1st HD).

Sources are restricted and must be unlocked: All characters start with having access to only the Monster Manual I, but can unlock any other book as they gain reputation.

The minions will battle eachother 1 on 1 to the death. Dead minions are dead. You can ressurect them with 1000 gold and a level loss, or simply find a new minion to fight for you. All equipment on dead minions go to the victor!

Each win grants XP and gold that the noble steal for his own purposes: The minion can get the XP with hopes of leveling up or the Noble can steal it and use the XP to create a new minion or use the XP to unlock new books so that his existing minions have new options.

The Duke's Druid can reincarnate your minions: Tired of the 3rd level goblin? Reincarnate him at will to any other creature that has the same ECL for a price.

Nobles Will Post Thier Own Challenges and Negotiate thier own Terms: Use the challenges area to post a challenge and wait for takers. Just remember to clean up after yourself.

If Both Combatants Die During Your Turn, You Win: This counts for AoE or attacking at 0hp.

GP at start shall be 2d6 * 1000 GP.

You can save the funds for ressurection and reincarnation...or equip your minions with great stuff...
keep in mind though...all of a minions items go to the victor!


The Duke is not picky so long as you are of noble blood.
Bring your own minion and you are sure to be accepted.

What say you?

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