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ZM's maiden voyage. Looking for other AFMBE noobs.

Bought the AFMBE book about 2 weeks ago because I love the zombie survival theme. I have been playing and DMing D&D for about 14 years now but this will be my first crack at this system.
I'm looking for about 4-6 people, other noobs are encouraged. This isn't an original adventure in the least but I'm going to be using it as my pilot. If this goes well then I'm going to start my campaign soon after.

For those who don't know this adventure (and those who do, please no cheating) it takes place in an office building. The layout of the building is simple. Ground floor has a restaurant, snack bar and restrooms. First through third floors are used as a corporate headquarters for the Jewelery Barn, and the fourth through fourteenth floors are regional offices for a bank.

Toss your interest and application in here, characters are Norms with standard Normie stats, quick summary of your character is all that's required for now, and your character must either work in the building, or have some reason to be in the building for the day.

Hopefully I turn out to be not bad at this and we can all have a little fun and a bit of a fright.

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