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  • Created Jul 14 '10
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This is a vampire campaign. You are newly made vampires in a city lousy with vampire factions and other creatures. You know little of what is going on - you certainly aren't big fish and for the past year you have been focusing on living a fairly normal life with your vampire nature only being a part of it. Vampirism does have its advantages in many jobs - from computer programmers and lawyers, since you are more perceptive, to independent investigators, to night-time bouncers and security, to mobsters and hitmen (for obvious reasons).
But you have been hearing rumors; there is unrest in the various supernatural factions since the old Executioner -the city's supernatural sheriff- was killed and the new Executioner is both a political problem and not as good at her job. And then one night you suddenly find yourself in a dark alley, standing over a decapitated vampire along with some other people you don't know, with no memory of what happened or how you got there.
With little knowledge of the supernatural side of the city and appearing very guilty for murder from the evidence at hand, you must find out what is going on - if you can survive long enough.

The city of San Francisco is a crossroad of several supernatural factions. Vampires have ruled its supernatural night life since the city was built -there are even rumors the vampires had it built themselves- but they are not alone and they are not united. Several sorceror families have retreated in their own "mage quarters" within the city's wealthier neighborhoods and shapeshifters frequent the shiftier parts of town.
The vampires themselves are having problems. The city is nominally led by Georgius Tzul, an 11th century warlord and very powerful millenial vampire. But the world is changing too swiftly for him to catch up and there are quite a few vampiric factions that oppose him. The Executioner, the city's supernatural sheriff and nominally the Master's right hand, has been slain by the vampire that replaced him. Even worse, said vampire is pushing for reforms in the system more in line with modern society and not the archaic feudalism that is the norm. And that is only the beginning...

Vampires in this system belong to several ancient "bloodlines" that appear in legends around the world. Some may fit the dark and sexy stereotype of today -such as the Lamias- while others may be bloated corspes (Strigoi), classic Dracula-like vamps (Nosferatu), or terrifying demon-posessed skeletal horrors (Lilim). They aren't all the same type of creature. "Vampire" is the name that applies to all creatures in the setting that are humanoid undead, drink blood, can create spawn and have both intelligence and supernatural power. The base supernatural template is pretty flexible to cover all of them and they can develop other powers based on their type.

Making a vampire:
You have 250 points plus 100 points of disadvantages-disadvantages from the template do not count agaisnt that limit. You are stronger than human but still young as a vampire. To make a character do the following:
1) Choose a Bloodline; the power modifier will modify all powers but not the template, skills or advantages you gain as a human.
2) Apply the template, usually choosing the advantages/disadvantages that fit your bloodline (but not always-be creative)
3) Choose one to three powers from the power list. These are powers common to new vampires and are intended as example powers of the low tier. Treat each as a single advantage. Modify the cost of the powers you chose depending on your bloodline.
4) Calculate how many points you have left. Use some of these points plus any non-supernatural disadvantages to create a base human to which the template is applied. If you use lots of points here, it means you were an exceptionally talented human but you are going to end up with less powers.
5) Use any points you have left to modify powers, remove disavantages or take new powers. Modifying powers means you have an improved version of the base power which ends up costing more but is more powerful. For example, one vampire may be extremely strong (add more arm ST) but only by spending blood (add a HT cost) while another may be strong even by day (remove the "night only" modifier). Removing disadvantages you had to take due to the template means spending points to remove vulnerabilities instead of taking new powers. You can't remove vampiric or undead traits but you can buy off the other disads.
New powers and advantages can be added as usual.

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