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A wizened looking old man leans forward in his armchair to poke at the fire within his hearth where a young girl sits cross-legged before its warmth. The beady eyes of the stuffed bear nestled under her arms glisten in the flickering light. A radio is playing in the background, transmitting a selection from 'The Magic Flute' by Mozart. The man begins to wheeze, which then turns into a cough becoming progressively worse within a few moments. Fear fills the young girls face as she looks up at him. "Are you ok, Grandpa," she asks worriedly.

He continues to cough violently but holds up a hand to the child, trying in vain to ease her alarm. When finally the spasm subsides he begins to speak, his voice wheezy and unsteady.

"Listen to me, Maittea, it is important. There are things you must understand about this world. I wish there were more time to teach you, but there is not. My stay here is coming to an end. You see, some people were born of this world; others were born into it. Those who were born of this world are part of an evolving race of humanoids that all share the same trait passed down to them from their earliest ancestors. It's called the Rh factor. The others, those that were born into this world...well, they're Rh negative, to tell you simply. Although human to the eye, those born into this world are far beyond any reckoning of the human mind. They have what many refer to as 'souls' but this ain't anything like what they preach about in church. That's all hogwash--for the most part. Immeasurable power lies within these souls and the funny thing is that so many people go about their lives not even knowing what's inside them. That'll all change though, and some of 'em have already started to awaken..."

"...Huh?" The girl looked up at her grandfather, whose eyes were fixed upon the flames. He didn't respond to her inquiry as though he had not heard. Instead, his lids began to droop until eventually his eyes were closed. The girl jumps up and stands next to her grandfather, tentatively reaching out to touch his hand hanging off the armrest of his chair. Upon contact the man twitches and begins to snore. She rolls her eyes and goes to bed.


This memory played through Maittea Surise's head many a night after her grandfather's death nearly ten years ago. He had raised her as his own after her parents died and the loss was extremely hard on her. However, now at only 26 years old, she is at the head of the most powerful organization on the face of the planet...most people just don't know it.

This organization is called Soul Sword. Its purpose is to seek out, protect, and utilize the souls that have been born into this world. Though Maittea did not understand her Grandfather's words so many years ago, it is through his knowledge that the organization was able to be created. After his death, Maittea and the surviving member's of the Cabal he directed took the steps layed out before them to form the force necessary to combat an impending evil long prohphesized.


The campaign world is Earth in the winter of 2011 primarily but will lead to many different times and places.
The world is darkening and time is scarce, making the "recruiting" process become frantic. Your character will be someone that has been contacted by Soul Sword in some way, trying to garner your interest in joining their cause without letting you know too much. They've given a time and place to meet and have promised an explanation to be given then. That is where the game will begin.

The characters will be people that exist in the world's everyday life but are somehow different. The ultimate difference is that they have souls. However, your characters would not have much knowledge of the matter, but have had a feeling that they are something more or something different than the other people around them.

We will be using a generic open-ended rules system for this game that I feel will allow the game to be untethered by mechanics and encourage the deep levels of role-playing I want for the campaign.

The Window

The character creation process will be finalized once accepted, as we will be working closely together to flesh out your concept.

What I expect from applicants are the following:

A synopsis of the everyday life of your character:

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