Soul Mates, Soul Fates

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  • Created Jul 15 '10
  • Last Post Jan 31 '13 at 8:46am
  • Status Complete
  • System Freeform

Game Description

There was a time when the darkness won. When the evil of the world defeated the good and when all hope was gone from Nem'Ortoria. The champion of light fell in the final hours of the battle and the minions of dark annihilated the remaining army gathered.

For a thousand years darkness ruled under the dark god Ter'leken his mistress of shadows Ef'entia a human granted eternal life. They spawned a child every century and raise them in the image of themselves sending them forth as their representatives and enforcers amongst the beaten population and the ranks of their minions. Collectively the family were known as the Cynathan.

Of the last born to the two was Gwethwynia, she was the most powerful of her sibs both with blade and magic alike. By the age of twenty she had survived attacked by three of her jealous brothers slaying them in retaliation. She gained a reputation for violence and malice. The reputation was misplaced.

Gwethwynia was different in more ways than just strength for she was born with heart and soul. She grew to despise her parents, siblings and all they represented and did. As she took her twenty ninth year she turned, she fought back.

The rebellion began with her at its head. Victory's came slowly at first but soon as more flocked to her call. Where once pain was she bought healing not with the light that once was but by turning the shadows to be used for good. She would often say that the power of the shadows was not evil only it had been wielded so.

When the final battle came she faced her united power of her blood family. She slain her mother and fellow siblings till only her father remained. She knew that to kill them alone was not enough they would be reborn and begin again as they had ever done. She must destroy their souls and to do that she must destroy her own.

In a final gift to the world to atone for the enslavement and horrors her blood had caused she gathered her powers and the souls of her family and destroyed them all.

The goddess of light and healing Dwynna no longer banished from the world with the destruction of Ter'leken gathered the pieces of Gwethwynia to her whilst the winds took that of the Cynathan and dispersed them never to be whole again. Dwynna wept for the sacrifice of Gwethwynia and in her tears the soul of the woman mixed forming several pieces in her hands. That she never truly be gone from the world Dwynna attached a piece of each soul to another soul of light and good. These souls would ever be reborn, and ever be linked and yet ever their own destiny and person would they be.

500 years has passed since that day. Light, healing and peace have ruled the days as the people recovered and began anew. Memory of what was is taught to children but is remembered as passing folklore only save for the few devote in the churches of light and in the sisters of shadow who follow the teachings of Gwethwynia.

All is about the change as the past looks to be reborn...

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