A Freeman's Vigilance

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The Last War shattered the kingdom of Galifar, splintering it's people and tossing them to the four winds. It was a hundred years of death and destruction, of victories and glory, of legends. Now the heros of a war declared over are discovering just how dangerous peace time can really be. No longer needed, the veterans of the Last War have choice, conform to the new status quo or be pushed to the fringes of society. Fortunately society has a lot of them. So here they are; free men on the raggedy edge, struggling to survive. There may come a time when they heed the call to war again, or when civilization final pushes them off the map. For now though, they work in the shadows, the back alleys and grey areas where the law gets fuzzy, and a person has to follow their own code. For now, they have their freedom. For now, they have the sky. For now...

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