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Planescape: Chronicles of the Multiverse: Totally Awesome is a 3.5-ish, experimental, character-driven planar campaign.
The main focus of the game is social interaction, philosophy (with clubs), exploration and adventure, general weirdness and fun. This is supposed to be a unique campaign, so expect the unexpected.

Although there will certainly be combat, the main focus is not combat itself and many of the less important fights will probably just be resolved with a couple of rolls in order to get over them and to the interesting part.

Here is the Wiki page.

Notable houserules:

  • Unique Rewards: You'll be receiving very unconventional rewards during the course of the game. Some experiences, particular places and unique items you'll be able to witness out there in the Planes might be able to change you fundamentally. What I mean is that it will be uncommon but not impossible to receive extra hitpoints, skill points, feats, powers or ability scores completely out of your character progression as unique rewards for particular events, choices or accomplishments.
  • Alignment: Most sentient beings, no matter how altruist or how dickhead they are, count as "Unaligned", that is, just as if they were Ture Neutral for spells and alignment-based effects (which is the only reason I don't chuck Alignment out of the window and into the acid shark pool too). In short: behavior doesn't equal alignment. Some characters can be ALIGNED, that is, have actually sworn a kind of metaphysical allegiance to an ideal of supreme good, evil, law, chaos or any combination thereof, but such characters are very rare.

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