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Dragons, stories told to scare children or make a fireplace evening more exciting. Long have the Dragons been gone from the lands, and longer still the gods. In those bygone days when the Gods still heard those who prayed to them. When the Knights were not a shell of there former self, and when the world was young and Dreaming. Now things are fit to change, the disbelievers shall soon believe and those who have been lost will be found, by the dark or the light is there choice.

Welcome home...

Five years ago, a band of good friends frequented the Inn of the Last Home, the most popular tavern and inn in the treetop city of Solace. They made a pact to go off on their own in search of some sign of the true gods, agreeing to meet back at the Inn of the Last Home on that day five years later. Each taking a different path, they set out for the far corners of Ansalon. Now the heroes, known as the Innfellows, return to their hometown after finding only futility—the true gods seem to be well and truly gone. However, at the very least, they can look forward to a warm fire, a good meal, and the companionship of their dearest friends upon their return.

Unfortunately, they find that Solace has changed in their absence. The Seekers, a misguided religious sect of questionable sincerity, have become the temporal rulers of Solace, governing the region from the nearby Lordcity of Haven. Rumors of war and whispers of monsters and death circulate among the farmers and townsfolk in hushed voices. Solace has changed, and that change promises to become even more drastic.

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