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Two powerful empires square off; each has prepared long and well for war, and the day has finally come: each side has decided to invade the other.

This campaign will be the epic clash between two (or possibly more) hordes composed of multiple armies: one army per player. Leadership feat is not required. I plan on having four players or so per side, although more is certainly possible.

Be aware that the subtle arts of intelligence, assassination, and betrayal are as important to a successful general as leading his troops on the battlefield!

Each player will create a level 12 gestalt (see character creation rules) with 88,000 gp to equip themselves, and a single heirloom item which can be bought at half price (but not worth more than 100k). In addition, each player will have an additional 120,000 gp to purchase and equip their army (see army creation rules). Finally, each team will have 100,000 gp with which to purchase a stronghold (largely using stronghold creation guide, but also see below.). Players may contribute their personal wealth towards their army, but not the other way around, and may contribute either personal or army wealth towards the team's stronghold, but not the other way around.

Will allow SRD (including psionics), Heroes of Battle, Complete Adventurer, Arcane, Mage, Warrior, Scoundrel, and Divine, Draconomicon, and some stuff out of Miniatures Handbook (but check first). Won't allow Tome of Battle, since I don't have it. Sorry!

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