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The year is 1970. It's a new decade and the free world is in desperate need of hope. Six years of Vietnam have depressed the American psyche. Nixon has a firm grasp of the Presidency while his nemesis, Leonid Breznev, keeps pushing for an end, a Soviet end, to the Cold War.

The Americans are feeling a bit of triumph, though. For the first time in recorded history a man has stood on the moon, carried there by the Stark Enterprises created Apollo lunar module. Lexcorp prepares its own module for the second visit.

The My Lai Massacre in Vietnam is still hotly debated in the media. Charles Manson is still at large after his cult commits murder in a Hollywood home. Violence wracks Ireland as the country sues for freedom from Britain.

Sesame Street premieres. Monty Python's Flying Circus does too. The Beatles are still releasing albums, and Elvis is still alive (and getting fat).

And somewhere, a bunch of ordinary people begin to feel a bit exceptional.

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