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Adventure Setting
1362, The Year of the Helm, The Season of Mirtul – “The Melting”

It has been less than a week since the calendar day of “Greengrass”, and the local festival it entailed in Murann. Sitting on the southern border of the land of Amn, Murann is nestled right up to the northern edge of the Forest of Tethyr, making it something of a crossroads for trade and all manner of things. Murann not only celebrates the coming of spring with the festival of Greengrass, but the passing of the Season of Storms since a good portion of the town’s livelihood comes in from the north by way of sea from such ports as Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep. This ending of the season of storms brings special meaning this particular year as there have been some confirmed reports, and all manner of rumors, of several ships lost at sea during storms and rough seas along the coast of the small teeth – the mountain ridge to the north that juts out into the sea.
It is here that a small band of adventurers meet at the Red Barge Inn on the docks of the town. To anyone seeing the group all seated at a table in the corner, they seem to have little to nothing in common.

Looks… can be deceiving…

Story Background
Many years ago a young specialty priest of Lathander, under direct guidance from said deity, set up a small temple on the northern border of Amn, on a southern ridgeline of the Small Teeth mountains. The temple grew as did a community around it. Due to the many dangers the area was known for, the temple's faithful built a small keep to protect the temple and the growing village community.
The Lord overall this was known as Caphius the Rising, a devout follower of Lathander and protector of his new temple and community. Though somewhat eccentric he was as devoted and loyal to his "subjects" as they were to him and the temple. Not many years ago, he felt guided to start his own order, or brethren of "Dawn Priests" - the secret society of Morninglords known only to a few in truth. After much prayer and fasting, he decided to save this unique privilige for the adolecents of his own community. So, he chose several young emerging teens from the village for the honor.
These few were trained and honed into something akin to Crusaders of Lathandar, Morninglords, for sure, but in secret were being studied and trained as Dawn Priests.
Though still young, these few became well respected and known in the keep and township, fiercely devoted to his Lordship Caphius and following Lathander.
Several years ago all but one of them, a human girl named Aparia, were sent on a quest by his Lordship to connect with other Dawnpriests in Murann that had recently started an order there. Upon arriving, they found no such order and actually discovered that a mysterious traveller had sent the false missive from Murann. Returning to "The Rising Keep", as it had became known, they discovered it was razed to the ground with no survivors. It appeared that a large band of goblins managed to infiltrate the keep, ransack it totally, and kill every living thing found within. It is unknown where the goblins came from, or where they retreated to exactly, but it is believed that they have a lair somewhere within the mountains.
Seeing some evidence of the use of magic, and believing they too were in danger, the group disbanded to each seek out what had happened in all manner of different ways and walks of life. Once any one of them found the one who had led the raid on their Lord, the keep and village, they would all reunite upon receiving word, at the next season's beginning at the Red Barge Inn in Murann.
All have received word in one way or another, and all are eager to seek retribution for their fallen brethen, their Lord Caphius, and their families.
And so begins, the tale of the Lost Morninglords.

About the DM/GM...
I have been DMing in one way or another for more year's than I'd like to admit (yeah, I'm old school), and have plenty of experience - mostly in 2E D&D, though in other RPGs as well. I'm easy going, but tend to get unhappy at deliberate rules violaters, but will sacrifice rules on occasion for the sake of the storyline. I'm very fair, but will not hesitate to drop a troublemaker. Nuff, said.
Game Rules & Mechanics

Character Classes & Levels: All characters will be either Dual, or multiclassed. First Class will be Priest, specialty Class of Lathander - Morninglord. No exceptions. This dictates other things about the charcters that will follow. Levels will be 3 for Priest, and 3 for others.

Alignments: All NG, no exceptions.

Races: Only Human and Half-elven allowed, no exceptions.

Multiclass/Dual Class: For halfelves, anything the PHB allows. I not only allow specialty classes, I encourage them. For Humans, the group will need a thief/rogue class as the Dual. One Mage and one fighter as well. A Ranger will come in very handy for a dual or multiclass in this adventure.

Number of Players: Must have 4, 5 is best, may go with 6 if interest is there.

Starting HP, Characteristics, and Gold:
HP max at 1st level, roll or all other levels, and take roll or 75% of max for other 2 levels, whichever is greater. (You'll need it)
Roll 4d6 method, drop lowest for all Characteristics. I'm a nice DM, so do this 3 times in the Forum and choose 1 of the 3 sets to place how you like.
Starting Gold is rolled normally for each class, then multiplied x 3. So.... if you're a Cleric/ranger that means roll for priest x3, and roll for ranger x 3 and add them together to buy whatever you want that's not magical in nature.

Other Notes:
Given the nature of this adventure, all characters will know everything about each other, save a few stories/encounters they may have had on their own while apart - love interests, fights, etc. Just because all are CG doesn't mean all are automatons. Lot of leeway in CG as to personality, disposition, and such. Be creative.
No restriction on background before joining the order, other than must come from immediate area.

Any questions, just ask.
Posting time.... I expect at least 2 posts during the normal Mon-Fri week once the adventure starts. I can easily keep up with this, but can also post more if necessary.
This is a hack n' slash as well as an indoor/outdoor adventure with some things that will need to be figured out to survive and catch the "baddie". I have run it before. Many didn't survive because... well, they were stupid. Hint from past - If something looks bad, it probably is.

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