Explorer's Guild

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Game Information
  • Created Jul 30 '10
  • Last Post Mar 10 '11 at 4:08pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

The Explorer's Guild is a new guild created by a collaboration of several adventures. Tired of extortionate guild fees to their own guilds and the lack of expertise for the varied work they often collaborated in they group took a stand. Their prior guilds including the thieves, merchants, cartographers, sell swords, minstrels and Arcane Guilds to name a few. The Guilds all opposed the creation of this new guild which would draw away potential members and revenue from their own halls. However the adventures were well funded and experienced, they overcame the attempts to sabotage the fledgling guild.

The Explorer's Guild's accepts members who life by the adventurers life, they goals are the exploration of the wilds, or the spoils of past civilisations and clearing out the dark dank underground lairs few dare venture to. Guild fees are half that of the others, training and aid is often offered to all members. The Guild has proven to be more helpful to its members than the others advancing its members financially, experience and training. However they also provide a risky lifestyle, those who survive their early years profit well from the association.

20 years after its creation it is now more stable and grudgingly accepted as a full guild. Membership is growing by the day though adventurers and explorers who's talents clearly lie within the grounds of an older guild often have trouble with their kindred of the traditional guilds. There are still occasional covert attacks to the guild and its members but these are rarer now.

As new members of the guild you have a lot to prove and a lot to gain...if you survive.

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