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Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

To dare the gates of Hell is the height of daring and the height of folly. Succeed, and your names will be glorified throughout the ages. Fail, and your names will be cursed as your world dies.

Seeking: four to six Eight stalwart adventurers true for a daring raid into the fiery depths of Hell

Legends speak of a mighty amulet, a gift from the gods, and of the hubris of an ancient king who thought to make war upon Hell itself. The king was slain and the amulet shattered into sixteen pieces. Only the piece attached to the chain around the kingís neck was returned safely to our lands. Now a great Doom is upon the land, and only the restoration of the amulet can save us all.

The amuletís shard has the power to guide a small band of warriors to the location of the first piece -- but be warned! Once you have crossed that threshold, there can be no return to safety until the last piece is found and the amulet restored.

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