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  • Created Aug 7 '10
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  • System GURPS

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Homo Superior

Excerpt from an Article from Minerva Medical Journal #561 June 2010.

All doctors worth their salt have known about the Homo Superior gene since the existence of these so-called 'Mutants' was officially denied by the US Government. Resident in one person in every million this gene seems to have been created artificially as it was introduced randomly across a huge variety of people in the year that gene grafting became commercially viable (1963). No one is sure of the creator, nor of its effects long-term over a population. However it is known that the effects short-term which it produces are as varied as the people who it occurs in.

This gene is known to be passed down through generations and the effects seem to become apparent during adolescence. As most people know the powers of these people are recorded widely in the news and are still making the rounds on the internet - no matter how much the governments of the world attempt to suppress them. Why am I telling you all of this which you already know? Because of my hypothesis on the long-term effects of this gene on the general population of the world.

Already these Homo Superior are being suppressed, forced to flee from everything. Their families are destroyed in a bid to stop pandemonium from reaching the public - yet that pandemonium has been and gone. So what is the real reason for this suppression of information? Your guess is as good as mine, however I know that the governments of the world involved in this scandal are setting themselves up for a fall as large as Victoria Falls and that fall isn't too far away. If they continue with this path, all that they will setup is a war between two sides, equally powerful, who will wipe each other out.

I do not know the details of this war, nor am I a scaremonger who wishes to cause a crisis in people's minds, yet I can see it coming as clear as lotuses upon the horizon. There will be bloodshed, and tears, there will be screams in the dead of night - if night continues to exist that is.

How can I tell you this?

Because I am a Homo Superior, and I can see into the future.

Be warned.

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