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You reside in Ashgaard. The capital of Ashgaard is a port city called Klain. The city is a massive magical nexus, even at first glance. The city is made out of three gigantic metal plates. At the center of the city is the massive castle, with a gigantic crystal as its centerpiece, possibly providing the magic that keeps the plates from falling on top of one another. Crystalline tubes run through the city, azure energies coursing through them. In each corner of the city, a gigantic elevator runs from plate to plate, allowing beggers who work hard enough to ascend to artisan status, and craftsmen of extraordinary talent can attain nobility. Temporary transportation can be allowed for individuals, but such travel is carefully regulated and monitored.

Gnomes are the main inventors behind the technology that runs in Klain, which is fused very tightly with magic. The elevators that travel up the levels are a combination of levitation spells and steam-powered gears. Trains powered by elementals glide from district to district. The Mayoral Guard carry energy-infused muskets. The Tower of Knowledge, run by the local mage guild, is a mass of clockwork gears, crystalline energy tubes and a shining gemstone that glows different colors at its peak.

October 30th of the year 969 - The skies have darkened, eldritch clouds converging above the Mayoral Castle. There's a smell in the air, like a coming storm. Rain refuses to fall, taunting the metropolites below. Old seafarers mutter in poorly lit bars about another shift in the winds. The Mayor has stopped all appearances entirely, something the recluse has not been known for. Whispers of fear stab through the heavy nights. The gigantic crystal at the city's heart has been pulsing with odd colors. Something's not right. Even the stray dogs know it, whimpering back to awnings of shops in vain attempts to stay out of it. It's on the tip of everyone's tongue, but no one has words for it...

Recently, there have been kidnappings among citizens of the lower plate, people not missed by the majority of the population of the metropolis. However, you have noticed, and the trail seems to be pointing at something sinister occurring within the Pelorean church, even to the knowledge - or aid - of the clerics within...

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