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A few more details:

- Starting level of 5, with free Versatile Expertise. Any WotC material, including Essentials, will be allowed. Just keep in mind I'm using DnD mostly as a mechanical backbone for the story, so please be willing to accept drastic butcherings, reshufflings, or alterations of existing lore. I'm creating a lot of house rules for this game as more and more folks want to really go wild on the reflavoring. However, I've tried my best to keep things pretty fair along the way, so you'll not be at a disadvantage if you don't have the sourcebooks, or want to go with a more down-to-earth approach to character creation.

- You may reflavor any Bow or Crossbow as a Firearm by adding the High Crit and Misfire properties. Misfire deals 1[W] to the user on a natural 1.

- The following races will not likely be eligible for players: Deva, Gith-Zerai, Shardmind, and Wilden. I discourage the re-fluffing of races that I've excluded, but highly encourage the refluffing of classes, feats, powers, and items. Please see the section on Abyss-Touched creatures for information on Shifters, Changelings, Genasi, and Shadar-Kai.

- A new INT-based skill called "Engineering" will be used to handle all checks that require expertise in technological devices. Just as you don't need to have Arcana to use Magic Items, you don't necessarily need the skill to use items and armor with a more techy flavor to them. Beyond that, please see the entry below on all Engineering details.

For those of you without the source books for Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, or Eberron, send me a PM and I'll let you know more about the Dragonmarks, Wild Talents, Spellscar, and "Defiling" features in the source books. Unfortunately, Themes are a bit more intricate, and I can't really help you with them if you don't have the source book. I'd rather not put up a big dump of published information on the game ad. Obviously, any d10 roll for the random Wild Talents can be rerolled in case the character already has it, or if the Talent performs effectively the same function as a power the character already has (Telekinetic Grasp if you already have Mage Hand).

Please post your finished, or close-to-finished applications in the game forums.

Relevant Material:

The Setting Information section should give a pretty thorough explanation of the setting we'll be playing with.

The Game Planning thread may contain some additional insight, if you want to scrounge through past posts.

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