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Howling wind and crushing blows. Smashing hammers and foes who seem to never die. Axes destroy ranks and ranks of infantry as the orc war machine marches forward. Brutal death rattles of charging dwarves and elves and the hearty beating of wardrums never end. Even on the other side of the continent, the threat of death is imminent. The Crushing waves of Orc berserkers who smash down village doors and slaughter everyone are now a constant threat. The War has begun, and you must stop it.

In the War Room...

"Rylai is our only hope, and we've found him. Send a small group of soldiers behind the enemy lines to retrieve him. May the Triad protect them."

"But- What about the orcs? We don't have any men to spare! Even Two or Three are too many to spare!"

"If we don't, then this war is lost."

"... ok..."

"Tell them they are to obtain an object so valuable to the war-effort, they will be praised as heroes."

"Why not tell them about Ry-"

"He is just a boy, they would see no motivation... We do this my way..."

"I Don't like it... but fine."


You have made it past enemy lines, only a mile or two away from the fighting. The defense of your home city hangs in the balance of the battle going on now, you have been promised that you may join the battle upon your return... if you return.


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