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Welcome to Fludwal, adventurer. Welcome to the shining capital city of Dyrenia. Many have called it the City of Opportunity, and as far as opportunities to have your throat slit go, they're right on the money. Sure, the city might not be the prettiest thing on the horizon; a city sitting on an enormous floodgate isn't the easiest thing to make attractive. And when I say enormous, I mean ENORMOUS. Miles long, miles across, and damn near a mile high. It has to be; it spans the union of three of the largest rivers on the continent. That's right. The capital is sitting right above the largest fresh water source on the entire continent. This city is the reason that Dyrenia, small a nation as it is, hasn't had a war in nearly a thousand years; neighboring nations aren't likely to attack if they know you can flip the switch on their water. Sure, there were always the incursions from the barbarian tribes a few countries to the south, but these hardly ever made it past Corin, Dyrenia's southern neighbor.

Yep, Dyrenia has had a pretty sweet setup for the past millennium. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Remember those barbarians? Well, a few decades back, a couple of the tribes civilized, organized, militarized, and went imperial on every other tribe in the southern wastes. A few years of pacification and unification and BAM! The Empire of Darahn was born.

Nowadays, Darahn has been chomping at the bit to spread their beloved imperialism to the nations around them. And wouldn't you know it, Corin was the first to give them the chance. Turns out that old hatred dies hard, and Corin was all but crushed in just a few short months. Next on Darahn's hit list is a small nation with no buffer nation, barely any military, and no control over Darahn's water supply: Dyrenia.

So you'll excuse our mess at the moment, the news of Corin's fall just reached Fludwal, and the general populace isn't taking it all too well. Those crashes you were hearing weren't all in your head, the rioters are getting closer. And they are by no means happy.

Welcome to the Warzone, adventurer. It's hell here.

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