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Have 8 players who have shown interest, but I'm going to leave this open until I know for sure all of them will play. So if anyone else is interested there may or may not be room.

I'm looking to start running a classic space opera type game. Something in the style of the original Travelers game, this will be high adventure, action/adventure type stuff. Combat will be fast and furious, with the typical henchmen NPC not really offering much of a threat to the characters.

I'm looking for 6-8 characters. You'll own a ship and be free to go where ever you want, do what ever you want... As long as you make your payment on the loan for the ship that is. So this will be somewhat of a Sandbox type game, with the players driving the campaign. The party will be all equal owners of the ship, but one of group could be made the captain and group leader/face.

The game will be using the M&M rules tweaked to suit a Space Opera style game. So no powers, all though I will likely use the power rules to create some sort of power armor the PC's can use. There will be some econ gaming going on. You'll be able to buy and sell cargo, hoping to make a profit.

I will be writing up a number of documents detailing the background of the campaign and maps of the area the party will be starting out at. After that it's all up to you where you go and what you do. The only thing you can count on is finding adventures most any place you go.

Quasi IC info

Mankind has left Terra and is scattered over a large part of the galaxy. The Terran Empire is home to trillions upon trillions of people, and claims thousands of worlds. It is however a largely benign government and the people are left to carry out their life mostly in peace.

Aliens were of course discovered on man's journey throughout the stars, some where friendly, some where hostile. Some became friends and members of the empire, others were conquered.

Many people romanticize about the life of a independent freighter crew, it's the subject of books and holoshows. But seldom to they get the story quite right. Sure it's a life of freedom, you go where you want, when you want. Meet interesting new people and visit strange planets... Even fight off the occasional pirate attack. But it's not all it's cracked up to be. Never knowing for sure if the next port of call will even want your goods let alone let you make a profit and pirate attacks may seem exciting in a show, but in reality they mean at best costly repairs, if not worse.

But this is the life you have chosen and taking the bad with the good is the price you pay for the freedom to make your own life out among the stars.

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