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Located in a land torn by civil war, a keep sits forlorn and forgotten. Gone is the former glory that once made this a place of pride of the Kingdom of Anor. A hundred years ago, the King of Anor was assassinated as was his first born son. When his second born son could not be found, the Kingdom was thrown into anarchy. Many heroes of great fame tried to right things, but something sinister corrupted them and kept them from success.

A dark shadow crept over the land, engulfing the Royal Court, plunging the capital into a deep depravity that nearly destroyed the land. In the darkest hour, and unlikely hero stepped forward: Nym Illystryn. The drow wizard was one of the most hated men in the land for his frequent attempts at conquest. Yet, the man who came forth was not the same as he had been in the past, or was he? None were certain, to be honest, what his true motives were. However, when he appeared things changed.

Prince Brion Anorion resurfaced along with his two heirs. Though Brion chose not to claim his throne for some reason. He moved to the Magicracy of Lystar far to the north and became the Archmage of the Wizard's academy instead, taking over for his mother who had held the post for 120 years.

His two children: Elsbeth and Brion The Younger came about to finally end the civil war. Brion was placed on the throne in Kingsport (listed as Khosht on the map which is slightly out of date as well) while his sister Elsbeth was placed on the throne in Knor, the official capital of Anor. After several brutal years of war, the two siblings were able to get their factions to understand that they had no desire to fight, and that the enemy wasn't the other camp but the evil that had crept into their lands. With the help of Duke Alan James of Knor, who had taken over as Regent after the previous one's untimely death, they were able to put an end to the civil war.

The Drow Nation (as it is listed on the map) fell apart and was renamed the Empire of Khazan once more (for the fifth time in recorded history). The current Emperor is a human, for the first time in centuries, though his disposition is foul, and the nation remains a major threat to the area.

It is a dark time now, many of the old gods are fading into the night it seems. The land is under a shroud so black many fear it is the end of days. Fear grips the commoners, a deep fear that their world is about to die.

The letter had come in various ways to different people. Just how the recipients were chosen as of yet had been a mystery. Not that the adventurers summoned were famous for any reason as yet. All were novices, barely complete with their training in their chosen fields. Yet one day it had arrived, sealed with the wax imprinted crest of the twin Gryphons of Knor, the royal seal of the King of Anor himself. In each case it had been the same: a rider in an ermine lined cloak wearing but a simple red doublet and hose beneath it marked with the crest of House Anorian. The messenger had asked for the recipient, found them and given them the note and a simple leather pouch. In the pouch was 100 golden coins of the realm and two items. The first was a simple golden ring of twin gryphons intertwined to face one another much like the crest of the great nation. The second was ticket to the Kyric City Dungeon. The letter informed the bearer that they were to make their way to the City-State of Kyric by whatever means possible using the gold in the pouch. Once in Kyric, to find a tavern known as the Four Winds, near the wharf in Mercantile District. Present the ring to the innkeeper, and wait to be contacted about a job of great importance to the realm. Who could refuse such an invitation? It was signed by Brion, King of Anor, newly crowned as King of a reforged Anor freshly reunited after half a century of civil war.

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