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Troshand is a small peninsula state on the western edge of the country. It is generally considered an isolated area, being surrounded by the sea, with a small mountain range and dormant volcano nestled on its eastern border. However, past volcanic activity has made the land especially fertile, and Troshand has enjoyed several generations of peace. The port city of the same name has thrived on its bustling sea trade, supported by the produce cultivated by the farming communities scattered throughout the rest of the state.

Though formerly a land of peace and prosperity, the last couple years have been strenuous for the state of Troshand. High Lord Troshand IV used to be a kind, open and lenient ruler, but without warning, has change drastically. Slapping a gradually stringent tax increase on his people, he has been furiously tight-lipped about the reason behind this decision, and the people are suffering for it.

What had once been bemused hope that their kind High Lord would explain the sudden tax increase or repeal it, has turned into desperate rage. Stirrings of peasant revolt and civil war threaten to tear the state of Troshand apart.

In this land of anger, greed, and war, what will be your role?

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