IRON HEROES: Binding Mor'gar's Fist

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  • Created Sep 8 '10
  • Last Post Jan 11 '11 at 6:54am
  • Status Complete
  • System Iron Heroes

Game Description

"We hold the might of Valhalla; the wrath of Asgard. We bring the sword to Hel for death and victory. Ours is fury divine with no remorse. For the demon does not deserve life, and the unclean deserves no ground. We march proudly, we march victorious. For such is the might of man, that the demon will perish!"
-Grand Marshal Aurthur Deshain

Iron Heroes!
An overview
Alright let's be honest, Dungeons and Dragons was a great idea. But the balance issues inherent within it make it virtually unplayable. That is unless you're a wizard; wizards can do everything. Well I'm of the opinion that magic is cool and all but it should be an accessory to swordplay not a replacement for it. This is why I LOVE IH. Magic can be powerful in IH but it doesn't overshadow melee which is a good thing.

And believe me when I say melee is a very good idea in iron heroes.

Setting: I'm of the opinion that this shouldn't be here as you are currently invading an unknown land. However, you are not just an invasion force. You are also pioneers, each of you have; or will have the skill set to foothold a settlement.

Valhalla: Is essentially the equivalent of what would have happened if Rome conquered Germania.

Hel: What little is known of Hel is that it is a land full of demons, magic, and riches untold. The land is bountiful and alive as well as vast. You may be here for the wrong reasons, but you know the common populace in Valhalla feels you are a hero. Truth be told there is no telling what may happen, just being in the land has changed you into something different. You're better than human. And at long last the war machine has turned it's cogs.

I'm looking for very powerful characters. We're talking thirty six point buy powerful. Level 3. But more than that; I'm looking for definition in your character. I've found that the more hours you spend building a character the more hours you stick around in a PbP game. I'd like six or seven, but I can adjust for eight. And I'd like to see variety, there is a great deal you can do with the classes even if you all play the same class.

Points you should remember.
1. You all come from Valhalla a land of feudal oppression; you are NOT kings or even noble. Quite the contrary; you've likely been exiled to Hel for offending your feudal lord.

2. TheAscendant is playing your commander; he IS nobility, your characters will respect that or he has authoritarian right to have them executed for insubordination. However he is also from what I've experienced; and I've known him a long time, a very fair kinda dude.

3. You are in the military, act like it! This means if you have a concept where your character is an independent renegade you're going to have a very very short life expectancy. The military practices capital punishment for even minor crimes.

4. Anything not human is a demon. The long eared pretty things, demons, the short stout bearded ones, demons. Sympathizers will be executed. This is not to say you cannot be a sympathizer; in fact I encourage these feelings of "Are we really doing the right thing?" As they will be important in the coming centuries.

5. Just because your characters are immortal in Hel doesn't mean they can't die. I will be trying to kill you, get used to it; war is brutal.

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