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  • Created Sep 10 '10
  • Last Post Dec 14 '10 at 8:21pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Serenity

Game Description

You are a member of a 5 person Fleet Survey and Repair team serving on the Galactica. It hasn't been long since the Cylon Holocaust, and tensions are, needless to say, still high. (For Reference of timeframe: Season One Timeframe Battlestar Galactica)

Raptor 195 is en route from Galactica to Forrest Moon, carrying parts and personnel to repair the transport's FTL drive. The Forrest Moon is a large vessel, just over 750 feet in length and carrying upwards of nine hundred souls. Designed for transport of bulk cargoes such as raw ores, grain, and liquid cargo, the ship was hastily converted for passenger service at the Ragnar Anchorage.

Pilot, Callsign "TBD": "Galactica, Callsign. Raptor 195 is clear and proceeding to transport Forrest Moon with parts and technical crew. Speed 7.2. Estimated flight time: 7 minutes."

Galactica: "Roger that, 195. Be advised no traffic in your area. Steer heading 113 carom 7, and switch to button 3 for Forrest Moon Control."

Pilot/ECO, Callsign "TBD": "All systems green. DRADIS indicates flight path is clear."

Engineer: "Well…another day, another survey aboard yet another junker in the Fleet. CIC says this one's having trouble with her FTL drives."

Medic: "Yeah, who isn't? At least there are no reports of injury or serious illness aboard. The
last ship we boarded had eleven cases of pneumonia, of all things. In these kinds of cramped, close-quarters conditions, something like that can spread through a ship like a wildfire
. "

Team Lead/Chief Petty Officer: "Seven hundred jumps since the War began,-and no dry dock available- it's to be expected that a lot of these ships will start developing problems. They're civilians, not Battlestars.”

Engineer: "Well, according to the spec sheet, Forrest Moon's last jump placed her five points off formation. She nearly collided with the Gemenon Traveller."

"Pilot/ECO": "Then we'd better get her fixed up. Commander Adama doesn't like to linger any longer than necessary - we're due for another jump soon."

Team Lead/Chief Petty Officer: "Well, once we get the FTL back in battery, we’ll need to do a complete survey to find out what else she’ll need. There are probably all kinds of secondary problems cropping up, as well. These buckets aren’t built to last forever.

"Pilot": "Transport Forrest Moon, this is Raptor 195. We are on approach, with parts and technical crew and request you prepare to receive us.” To those in the Raptor, “ETA four minutes people.”

Forrest Moon Control: "Roger that, Raptor 195. Please approach starboardside hangar bay, and welcome."


This adventure will take place in the Battlestar Galactica Verse. It is about a 5 member Fleet Survey and Repair team on the Galactica going out on a standard mission.
Using the Cortex rules, the Base for Character Creation will be roughly Recruit at 42 Attribute points, and 62 Skill points., and 12 Trait points. Some complications may be allowed if background dictates and is approved.
Below are the 5 characters needed along with the Colonial Fleet provided gear (free). I already have callsigns for the pilot and the pilot/ECO.
Fleet Survey And Repair Team
1. Engineer, Specialist, Colonial Uniform: Green Coveralls
Equipment: Electrical Tool Kit, Plasma Torch, Multipurpose Tool.
2. Medic, Specialist, Colonial Uniform: Green Coveralls
Equipment: Med Kit, 2 First Aid Kits
3. Pilot – Raptor 195, Lieutenant, JG. Colonial Uniform: Flight Suit, Helmet
Equipment: Picon 5/7 (DMG d6 W, RNG 12 yards, MAG 10), 1 spare clip, Multipurpose Tool, 2 Glowsticks, flashlight,
military binoculars, oxygen detector.
4. Pilot/ECO – Raptor 195, Lieutenant, JG, ECO (Electronic Countermeasures Officer) Colonial Uniform: Flight Suit, Helmet
Equipment: Picon 5/7 (DMG d6 W, RNG 12 yards, MAG 10), 1 spare clip, Multipurpose Tool, 2 Glowsticks, flashlight,
military binoculars, oxygen detector.
5. Team Lead – Petty Officer First Class. Colonial Uniform: Green Coveralls
Equipment: Mechanical Tool Kit, Multipurpose Tool, Audio Recorder. Portable Library Reader (programmed with
Technical Manuals)

The dialogue above is just an example of play, and not intended as to what the actual created characters are to say or how they are to behave in the game. It's just giving a flavor and feel for the game.

Posting time of 2-3 times a week, 5 days lapse maximum - meaning that if 5 days passes since your last post the GM will post for your character.

If you only have the Serenity Cortex rules, roll up the character at Greenhorn Level and we'll work it out. If you don't have either book/rpg, and are very interested, you need to start somewhere, right? If you give a good, strong background and skill set I'll roll up a character for you. Someone showed me cortex for the first time, so I should pass it along if need be.

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