Uniting the Silver Streams

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 10 '10
  • Last Post Oct 30 '10 at 7:39pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Exalted

Game Description

The world of the sun was weak and complacent.

To survive, the world of the moon must be strong and alert.

These are the tenets that drive the grand projects that comprise the Thousand-Streams River. Since the Usurpation, the Silver Pact has looked back on the First Age and tried to find ways to make humanity independently mighty and capable of standing tall without the eternal support of the Exalted - who are fallible and mortal. There are many opinions on the matter, and as such, the Thousand Streams River is diverse and never-ending.

Sometimes, however, Lunars share opinions on the matter. Whether it be only because they are allies among the Silver Pact, or because they truly believe in the same method of making humanity stronger, some projects, rare though they might be, are led by pairs or packs of Stewards. Often, these packs are young and idealistic, and their societies are often reflective of themselves. Most fail, as the Moonchildren move on to new projects, often alone. Some succeed.

You are one of those young packs. Which one is the fate of your project?

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