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Evil draws men together.

This game centers around intrigue and lower-planar politics and fiends in a more general sense. This game is not going to be warm and fuzzy, and your enemies are massively more personally and politically powerful than you are. Your characters are likely to be yanked around, abused, blackmailed, threatened etc. Indeed, this is the driving force behind the plot. Characters without incriminating darks or other interesting levers won’t be accepted.

On that note, this game will be strongly writing and problem solving-based. As in 90% talking and >10% fighting. NOTE: I'm not one of those GMs who just says that and doesn't mean it. If you go into this game expecting fights and stop posting when they don't happen I will drop you. When there are fights, they should be significant, and move the plot forward. You will be up against smart opponents who will call in reinforcements, prepare, use divinations, or just leave if you pick a fight. No matter what tier or power your character is careful planning, not char-op will win battles. Players will be rewarded for dealing with situations in a nonviolent way. Combat should be a last resort: you’ll face legal trouble, etc. if you do decide to go around killing things. Instead I will reward reliable posting, interesting RPing, and contribution to the story. Also, I suggest you bring your own warm and fuzzy moral feelings. I won't.

That said, I am not an adversarial DM, but you are fighting fiends. I don't play my fiends as incompetent, or restrained. It cheapens the experience. If you find a way to throw a wrench in the plans of evil I'll run with it, and provide comic relief and opportunities for revenge or just chances to interact with the things that you care about and the planes in general (another great part of Planescape that I want very much to focus on).

Characters will know each other before the game starts and you will have to establish how you are connected and why you are adventuring together. I don't want saints and I don't want evil SOBs. Players should be morally flexible enough to survive making a career of doing stupid jobs nobody else would touch with a 10 foot pole and morally strong enough to feel some kind of indignation at being abused by fiends (and so they don't sell their comrades out).

Interesting and unusual concepts are encouraged (and I will find reasonable ways for PCs to play monstrous races without shooting themselves in the foot--more on this later), but all characters should be strongly socially inclined and keen on talking and interacting. They should also be connected to the world through NPCs, contacts, faction ties, employment, enmity, etc. That said, just playing some strange or exotic race won't improve your chances of getting in on its own. Novelty does not equal quality. All things being equal it would be better to plane a 'mundane' Planescape race if your concept doesn't somehow hinge on your exotic background.

Players don't need to be intimately familiar to Planescape--I will happily provide any nescesary exposition, and the free resources on are more than enough to have on hand. You don't even need to read it all. That said, there is a warm, fuzzy place in my heart for people who connect to a few of the published NPCs in Uncaged somehow. It doesn't make or break your app by any means though.

This game is also not especially strongly concerned with mechanics and I'm prepared to play hard and fast with the rules to make your concepts work. NOTE: If in your add you say: “want to play a race, class, level” it is almost certain this game is not for you. I don’t care.

I do, however, care about your character concept not your build. There will be a number of house-rules but no fundamental changes to the system or anything (though I'm inclined to abstract combat to a higher degree than normal--putting a lot of effort into maps is a poor use of a GM's time in a game focused on writing. Particularly when the PCs (not me) are the sole judges of when they fight, when they talk, and when they run. I’ve no notes to fall back on.

Players are encouraged to ask me about any abilities etc. that they want. I can work something out. Also, remember that characters in the 10-15th level range are superhuman. You can stab abstract concepts. If you want to do something crazy not covered by your class abilities just roll for it in game. If it contributes to the plot and doesn't just dodge a situation I'm likely to allow it (so fighters could split walls of force, etc.) Minor fights can just be narrated by involved PCs--I take it for granted that a 12th level character can win a barroom brawl without even trying (etc.)

Rule 0 is this: I am the final judge of mechanics. I control what happens, and I can and will make exceptions to every mechanical rule. Story and fun (or eeeevil) comes first in this game. I can and will make up new rules on a case by case basis whenever it suits things.

Players would be 12th level. Advancement will happen when it happens, and you will receive short-term rewards to keep you involved. Again, PbP is slow and I don't expect you to gain more than a few levels over the course of the game, and I don't give a damn about your build plans--that's not the focus of this game.

The player characters are powerful adventurers--people who've made a career of doing stupid jobs nobody else will touch be they espionage, exploration, or archeology with extreme prejudice. All players know each other well before the start of the game (the particulars will be worked out by my accepted applicants) and must have enough dark secrets, contacts, relationships with others, enemies, etc. NOTE: At this level PCs are literally superhuman in their abilities, and almost no mortals can stand up to you. All characters should also be strongly socially inclined--not necessarily charming, but eager and willing to talk and interact.

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