The Ebony Bladed Wings of the Endless River

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 18 '10
  • Last Post Jan 7 '13 at 11:09pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Exalted

Game Description

The Lands of the East are the most populous. It is here where the Mask of Winters has held Thorns for five years. The Well of Urd lies in the North Eastern edges of Creation, Several Lunar Societies work to better themselves or fail. The Confederacy of Rivers endures as it always has since the Scarlet Empress took the Blessed Isle and the Sword of Creation. However whispers have been crossing Creation, the Underwold, Malfeas, and the Wyld. Time Not.... Threatens to return.

A group of Exalts of various types, various lives, and various reason will find their destinies intertwined. This is their story, and whether they save Creation or Doom it to Oblivion is up to them.

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