It's a Long Long Road to Megalos

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  • Created Sep 18 '10
  • Last Post May 10 '11 at 11:30am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

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Its very name reflects the tripartite nature of the city; tres droits, or three laws. Once a small fishing village called Paradin, it has grown to become a great city embracing three nations and three cultures. Of course, more than those three cultures visit within its walls; however, newcomers are urged to remember that the very laws change according to where you are. It remains the only city on Yrth where a slave can gain his freedom simply by crossing a bridge.

Usually at a dead run, to be sure, and you don't stop running just because you've gained the far bank, because your putative owner may have sent people after you. But the fact remains that the guards on the other side of the river don't automatically send you back.

That's one of the many charms of Tredroy.

You are from Tredroy; you may have been born there, or moved there. It's all one. You live there now, but for whatever reason, no matter how much you like the city, your roots are not deep. If you had to take an overland trip, you would not have too many loose ends to tie up.

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