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  • Created Sep 19 '10
  • Last Post Jan 5 '11 at 6:36am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Naruto D20

Game Description

This game is based during the show, with a twist, the entire shinobi population has been transported to some unknown island. You are all fledgling genin of your respective villages just about to pass your exam when it happened there was a flash of light and then nothing, total darkness.

How that affects you:

You do not have to be from the same village

You can have a village specific bloodline if you clear it up with me first and detail your life in that village, just remember you were still an academy student (or still being instructed by your mentor) when this happened. However, there may only be one instance of a bloodline in a PCs control (no having two PC Byakugan users, etc etc) For the sake of game play, no one is allowed to steal bloodlines.

No templates allowed. Also to avoid confusion, NPCs will have templates, I've GM'd a game where my players complained about the NPCs getting things they don't, so I feel I should add this here. I do not mean to offend serious players who don't do this. Also, on templates, if one is applied to you in-game, that is not a violation of the rules as such things will be handled by me. Though this will only happen should my story pan out the way I have it in my head in the mind to paper transition.

I will allow homebrew content, as long as it is submitted for my approval.

We will be using the Senjutsu supplement, should you choose to learn Sage Mode (wont be easy)

be built using 40-point buy
be able to learn techniques with only half the normal time.
be able to move at up to 5 times his normal speed.
count as armed and deal lethal damage with unarmed strikes even without the Combat
Martial Arts feat (as per optional rule).
begin play with the three basic techniques, Bunshin, Henge and Kawarimi, as well as
2d4 +1 technique per level.
have Balance, Chakra Control, Climb, Disguise, Genjutsu, Hide, Listen, Move Silently,
Ninjutsu, Search, Spot, Survival and Taijutsu as permanent class skills.
be able to recover Chakra loss twice as fast.

You'll have to take the rank feats as per normal, they are not free. You will be given an armor proficiency of your choice if your class allows it (you must pick one)

If you qualify for genius nin you may take it. However, should you choose to be younger then 12, you will take the penalties for being young. I do not agree with genius nin bypassing those penalties, this is not negotiable.

Weapons, armor, and items

You may purchase all equipment, with the exception of weapons that deal more then 1 die of damage (exploding tags are an exception) All armors are fine, so long as you have the proper license. No special materials starting out. There will be weapon seals allowed, however not at character creation. You may purchase certain items from the D20 modern core book, however, any survival gear other than medical kits will be confiscated, you will get them back if you choose to buy them. All weapons, armor, and shinobi tools (other than long range communication) will remain on your person.

Character concepts:

While i wont tell you what to play, to avoid stepping on others toes, please let me know what your concept is. Since there will only be 4 people in this game, I'd rather have a diverse team.

When selecting your skills please pick a diverse skill set, you never know what you will need, this is an unknown island you may need to cross class skills but that is up to you.

Wealth: I would recommend spending as much of your starting wealth as possible, as you wont have any after waking up on the island.

Training techniques: Unless you have the training feat at level one, you can not start play with training techniques, this is a pet peeve of mine where character get past a penalty because they can select it at character creation. The only exception to this rule is medical jutsu as it benefits the entire party.

if there is anything questions you have feel free to ask me, because if you are asking it means i should've put it in this topic.

Note: I make my games tailored to my players, as such this game wont be starting as soon as I have all the player slots filled. If you can not wait, then please do not apply. I do have college and work so it wont be a quick process. Also, I am looking for an experienced Co-GM that will be able to help quicken the process somewhat.

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