Pokemon League of America: Dogpatch Academy Heroes

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  • Created Sep 21 '10
  • Last Post Oct 26 '10 at 5:53am
  • Status Complete
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

Pokemon League of America – Dogpatch Academy Heroes

The Dogpatch Academy, a private school that teaches the basics of Pokemon training in addition to normal primary school education, was founded by Dean Yockum only a few years ago, but has already been causing a stir across the nation. Having already produced several students who have gone on to thrive in League's various conferences around the country, the school’s reputation is on the rise and some speculate that its curriculum may become a standard adopted by other schools around the world in years to come.

The Dogpatch Academy is where you, or perhaps simply your parents, chose for you to receive your education. While you’re only between 13-15 years old, the accelerated nature of the school’s curriculum has already garnered you a high school diploma in addition to the school’s special certificate of competence in pokemon training. Only a week or so ago, you stood in front of your friends, family, and underclassmen to receive these papers with great applause. Dean Yockum even went so far as to call your class the most exceptional group he’s ever had the honor of overseeing.

Now, the Southwestern Conference, the so-called Wild West of the Pokemon League of America, has beckoned trainers from around the country come and compete in what they claim will be their most exciting tournament season to date and after your graduation ceremony, Dean Yockum informed you that he’s recommended you and your friends to his associate Professor Pecan. What happens next… well, that’s your story...

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