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  • Created Sep 23 '10
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Edit: I will accept applications up to October 31, at which point I will close the application thread and make my selections.


On the fringe of the Federation of Homeworlds lies the star system now known as Needleís Eye. Beyond the local space of Needleís Eye lies a blockade of Federal military outposts at the edge of a vast expanse devoid of stars, known as Voidspace.

On the other side of Voidspace lie several distant civilizations. First, there is Fraalspace, a terrifying civilization run by the mysterious fraal, who seem to be intent on feeding whole stars into bloated black holes, and who have incorporated the thri-kreen as a militaristic servitor species. Abutting Fraalspace is a likewise mysterious civilization of elves, known as the Dance of Lethe. The elves of the Dance of Lethe are secretive, and their technology is rumored to hold wonders the likes of which have not been dreamt of in the Federation. At some distance from the Dance of Lethe lie numerous Drow Confederacies, who are likewise as technologically advanced as their cousins. Many of these confederacies hold a holy edict from Lolth to be a scourge on the galaxy. Many of these aggressive confederacies have normalized this edict by patronizing whole worlds of goblinoids, orcs and the like to send out in massive, star-systems spanning assaults.

On the other side of Fraalspace lies a host of niogi slaveworlds.

On this side of Voidspace, the Federation is bordered on one side by the Formian Complex and the Abeil Hiveworlds. The formian and the abeil are rumored to be ancient starfaring species that related to each other from the distant past. Nevertheless, they are today bitter enemies.

This storyline will take place in the star system of Needleís Eye. Before the formation of the Federation (over 2,000 years ago), both drasalites and vrusk had scrambled to colonize the system. Over the intervening history, the struggle between the two species has resulted in 3 major, systems-spanning wars and many smaller conflicts too numerous to count.

About 200 years ago, the drasalites and vrusk fought their third systems war, which became so destructive after 50 years that the Federation finally had to intervene. Nearly 150 years ago, the two sides signed the Treaty of Mladun (after the dwarvish diplomat who headed the negotiations between the two). The treaty ceded the main planet of the system, now known as Newhaven, and a moon around the gas giant Vrum/Aldras (called Tideland by the humans) directly to the Federation.
In-system, there has been a difficult peace for most of that 150 years. The more stubborn elements of both sides have retreated to the cuiper belt, begrudging the jurisdiction that the Federation has imposed upon them. From time to time, violent conflict flares up at the edges of the Needleís Eye system, worming its poison into the interior of the systemís fragile tranquility...

It should be noted that the Federation has banned travel to and from Needleís Eye of heavily armed and armored starships. Save for Federal military ships, no combat-ready ship can be equipped with drivewave constructors or FTL engines; nor are they permitted to use the modest starlense facility that the Ormiiri have constructed for the system. Because of this interdiction, there is a thriving culture based around in-systems commerce (and conflict).

You are part of a crew that has acquired a small in-systems transport, dubbed the Serendipity. You are independent, making your living largely through salvaging derelict materials from the wars and selling them on the systemís black market. Every once in a while, you might take on the odd job that doesnít involve salvage, but mostly you are trying to keep out of the local Fedís sight, as well as keep away from the animosity between the drasalites and the vrusk.

You operate out of a shanty community in a remote and unclaimed section of the inner asteroid belt, called Perditionís Well. Perditionís Well is a motley arrangement of stolen and/or salvaged prefab materials that have been cobbled together into a collection of environmental suites. Species from across the galaxy can be found here, mostly keeping to themselves or operating in some gray or black market capacity.


Please write a short bio indicating the following information. Note that the more over-exaggerated and spectacular your bio is, the less likely it will be to make the final cut. Iím looking for something well-written and well-thought out. My idea is: what would a normal [insert proper species] be like under these conditions?

The application is likely to go through one stage of review, in which I will suggest changes in order to fit into the game world in a consistent manner. Then, I will chose up to 5 players for the campaign. Once I have selected those 5, then I will collaborate with you on constructing a character sheet.

Good luck!

1. Name

2. Species (note that playing a drasalite or vrusk might complicate the campaign with in-group tensions...though thatís not necessarily bad!)

3. Gender (drasalites are asexual, and vrusks will all be female, but non-reproductive)

4. Starting Class

5. 1d2 parents (may vary depending on species played, but for humanoids, itíll be 1d2; drasalites only have one parent, and vrusk live in hive communities with no concept of the parent-child relationship), along with name, gender and brief description of relationship.

6. Either 1d2 or 1d6 siblings, depending on what you want, along with name, gender and brief description of relationship. Use 1d6 for a vrusk character; these will be your closest clutch mates.

7. 1d2 or 1d6 or 1d10 significant friends, depending on what you want, along with name, gender and brief description of relationship. Maybe a spouse (or spouses) could even go here...
Note that family and friends might be as much a liability as a benefit! Also, you are encouraged to describe more complicated relationships, at least with some friends and family, though not all.

8. Characterís description
a. First, describe your character physically, as if he or she was wearing white boxer shorts and a white tee shirt (or the species-relevant equivalent). Then, describe what hairstyle and style of clothing they tend to wear, etc. Anything else (such as a tendency to have grease-smeared hands or immaculate fingernails)?
b. Brief description of personality and habits. Is your character mildly religious (use the standard D&D gods), snobbish, overly friendly?
c. A brief explanation of your characterís goals and aspirations in life.
d. A character bio explaining significant life events, as well as how you have gotten to the stage in your life where you are a member of this dubious crew!

Again, note that an overblown tragedy of a life history will likely be cut from the pool. However, if youíre playing a half orc who will later take on the thrasher advanced class, then maybe you can make a plausible story about a rough childhood. Likewise for a drasalite or vrusk character, given the context of the campaign...

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