Life in the Verse

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  • Created Sep 24 '10
  • Last Post Aug 27 '11 at 2:58pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Serenity

Game Description

A short time ago finds the crew of this ship actually not a crew. For some reason or other, each found themselves at a high-priced, no limit, poker game on Hera in an underground club of sorts. A surveyor and his young wife had just gone all in against one of the crew who had a lucky streak and rare run of skill. The surveyor had just placed the deed to his ship on the stack, which he claimed was worth more than 50,000 credits. The house took a few moments and decided to "hold" it's value at 30,000 credits after a quick check on the Cortex.
The ship is a Firefly class, ought 3, converted to a medship during the war, and then sort of converted back to a survey vessel right after war's end. The soon-to-be crewmember opposite the surveyor was short, way short, on this kind of credits and it took all he had won so far to just cover a fraction of the cost. So he/she asked for a break and asked the rest of the soon-to-be crew to help him/her put in and he/she would give them an equal cut of the ship if they won.
Seeing how he/she had been playing, the rest of the soon-to-be crew gave him the credits in almost equal shares. The money was just too good.
Needless to say he/she won and there were drinks and celebration all around. The next day however found the new "investors" all realizing that the ship couldn't be sold for anywhere near that, despite it's value. So, it was decided to go into the line of work that they find themselves now in. Their first job seems to be going well and at it's end.
They named it the "Double Down", to give the Ship's name meaning from whence it came and now serves it's crew.

Game Setting: Serenity Verse, 4 Years after the end of the War for Independence.

Game will be governed using the Serenity RPG, cortex system, Veteran Level.

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